Saphonian – Energy from Wind

What is Saphonian The Saphonian or also known as the Zero-Blade Convertor is a breakthrough innovation by a clean-tech company known as Saphon Energy. The Saphonian is an efficient, reliable and an environmentally friendly solution to generate electrical energy using wind power. History behind the Saphonian The name Saphon has been derived from the Carthagian… Read More Saphonian – Energy from Wind

Plastic Bags – Environment’s Worst Enemy

Plastic bags are severely damaging the environment, yet people and the government are still not taking any serious actions in banning them or providing their substitute. 100 billion plastic bags are used every year in USA alone. The problem is further exacerbated as developed countries often send their plastic waste to developing countries where recycling… Read More Plastic Bags – Environment’s Worst Enemy

Sri Lanka – Some Pollution Facts

Main source of air pollution is vehicle emissions. They account for 60% of total emissions (Source; Google)   Management of waste water is almost non-existent¬†(Source:¬†   Water from Kandy Lake is not suitable for drinking. A high coliform count and a high degree of faecal contamination was observed in all water samples obtained from the… Read More Sri Lanka – Some Pollution Facts