Saving energy has always been my passion. Moreover, my background in Electrical Engineering has escalated that fervor and keenness towards “all things energy”. When I was a young kid , I would always be concerned about my “AA” batteries (I thought if any of  the other siblings would use them, then the energy is being wasted).

I have been fortunate enough to participate and win country level competition (jointly) for CleanTech Open Silicon Valley in 2015. This really opened my eyes towards environmental issues and their possible solutions through monetization of things we call “waste” today. I strongly feel that you can find “A pile of cash in a pile of trash”. A lot is required to be done and a lot CAN be done in order to eradicate the mess that has been created up till now, to conserve the available resources so as to make the best out of them in our favor, to rightfully maintain the stratagem and schemes that are being framed to perpetuate and conserve the energy.

This blog is a small step in creating awareness and facilitating folks who operate in the realm of Eco-Startups. It contains ways, strategies and description of machineries that are essential and productive in safeguarding all the forms of energy. Introduction, detailed description and success stories of enterprises who are shining away in the domain of Eco-Startups  are also a part of this blog

If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@eco-startups.org.