Sagarika Sriram – Eco Queen from Dubai

Sagarika Sriram is a 12 year old young student at Jumeirah College, Dubai. At this young age, Sagarika Sriram is already organizing her own eco-friendly startup, proving that she isn’t merely any ordinary 12 years old. She, along with her team, is involved in spreading the message of reusability and recycling, ultimately leading to a greener atmosphere.

Apart from leading a prevalent startup,learning Mandarin and cryptography in her spare time, Sagarika also assists in managing her family’s own green patch and places her complete efforts in growing natural herbs and vegetables in her backyard. These herbs prove to be the main constituent ingredients in the various natural products that she makes.

Her motivation

At a young age, Sagarika started taking interest in comprehending the significance of climatic changes and their effects on our planet. She was astounded to hear of various tragic incidents such as oil spills and other activities that eventually lead to eradication of animal life and pose negative impacts on human life as well. That’s when she realized the adverse effects of global warming on our earth. Thus, she decided to start a campaign to create awareness among the society regarding the positive vibes of recycling and putting a gradual halt to pollution. All of her efforts lead to one single motive:

A cleaner and greener environment for everyone to live in.

What is K4B World

Sagarika intends to spread her message via blogs and posts on her website Around 5000 people have already visited the site since it began operating in February. Through her blogs, she motivates children and their parents to eliminate the use of plastic bags and signify the importance of recycling in the society. To be precise, Sagarika registered in an online course from Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth in order to learn web design and coding. The core objective of her eco-startup is to increase consciousness among the society regarding the antagonistic effects of pollution.

She inspires other children to take part in building a greener and cleaner planet so they can be recognized as a waste warrior or a green giant. Her goal is to have as many kids and parents join in as possible.

How can we help / join the cause:

Sagarika has recently been able to collect about 1040 kg of domestic paper wastes within four weeks and she is already an active member of every clean-up campaign that is organized by The Emirates Environment Group.

Moreover, her website offers different natural prizes for a list of eco-friendly activities grounded on the title ‘Kids for a Better World’. This motivates children to be a part of various environmental activities since they are awarded points for each accomplishment that they achieve. For instance, they can easily attain 100 points for an activity of collecting 100 cans, and can earn more natural prizes as well.

The prizes constitute of natural products such as a face scrub made from sugar, honey and coconut oil or a recently created lip scrub that makes use of coconut oil and additional essence from pomegranates.

Anyone willing to join her cause can visit her website and be an active part of it. Sagarika also manages her own Facebook page by the title ‘The Happiness Project’ that displays all the natural beauty stuff that she and her team has made.

 How much traction she has gained:

Sagarika’s ideas have gained extensive popularity on the local as well as global stature. Around 5,000 people have already visited her awebsite; including a large community of people from abroad. Uptil now she has already collected above 1,000 kg of paper and hundreds of aluminium cans that will be recycled instead of belonging to trash.

Sagarika’s motives compelled her school to decrease the age limit for an ecology committee. She recently gave a marvelous presentation to the eco committee of Jumeirah College. Despite the attendees being at least six to seven years older than her, she clearly made a tremendous impact and inspired the mature audience present. She was also awarded with the Head of Year award for Global Citizenship.



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