Saphonian – Energy from Wind

What is Saphonian


The Saphonian or also known as the Zero-Blade Convertor is a breakthrough innovation by a clean-tech company known as Saphon Energy. The Saphonian is an efficient, reliable and an environmentally friendly solution to generate electrical energy using wind power.

History behind the Saphonian

The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire ... exhibited 1817 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851The name Saphon has been derived from the Carthagian Empire (814-146 BC). In those times, “Baal Saphon”, the spirituality of wind was deemed to be more powerful than “Eole”, the Greco-Roman god of wind. In the Carthagian Era, wind was of a strategic importance as the supremacy of Carthage relied on the power of its fleet which was governed by the winds. Hence, the Saphonian is not only a means to cultivate Green energy but also pays as a tribute to the revolutionary Carthagian Era.


Saphon Energy was established with a mission to help move forward the global initiative of a greener and cleaner Earth for the future generations. The growing climatic changes and the snowballing need for energy worldwide has led Saphon to inventing the Saphonian that can help solve the problem of providing Green energy.

Saphon Energy is powered with the zest to bring a sustainable change in the environment by introducing a machine that can harbour clean energy without adding to any pollution in the environment. The route may be unconventional but it is believed that it will be fruitful in making a real difference in how people perceive the wind and use it for energy production.

The founders

anis-aouiniSaphon Energy was founded by Anis Aounini and Hassine Labaied. Anis is the inventor of Saphonian and has 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has designed many other environmental friendly processes and solutions.


Hassine is the co-founder and partner at Saphon Energy and has a vast experience in the banking sector along with strategic planning, risk management and business development.

How the Saphonian works?

Wind power is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly way to produce energy. Moreover, it is not non-renewable and depleting like fossil fuels. Approximately 72 terawatts of wind power can successfully be harnessed into wind energy. Even though with such a huge potential, wind power has not been successfully tapped upon and its contribution to global energy production is barely 1%!

There are two types of wind technologies;

  1. the Horizontal Axis Wind turbine (HAWT)
  2. the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

The common feature of both types of wind technologies is the use of blades and rotational motion. However, Saphonian has launched a completely new way of using wind power to produce energy that removes the entire rotating system as well as the blades, hence known as Zero-Blade Technology.

The Saphonian is bladeless, rotation less and inspired by the back and forth movement of sailboats. It has a sail shaped body and is successful in capturing twice as much wind energy than a conventional bladed turbine.

Advantages of the Saphonian

There are innumerable benefits of the Saphonian other than it being environmentally friendly.

More energy captured

By replacing the blade technology with a sail like technology, twice as much wind can be captured by the Saphonian.

Better efficiency

Due to its technical brilliance, its efficiency level is three times better than the current technology.

No Gyroscopic Effect

As the Saphonian is not a rotation based technology, it has no adverse effect on the Yaw system.

Low cost

By reducing the blades into smaller sail like body, manufacturing cost can be significantly reduced.

Energy storage

The Saphonian uses a hydraulic system which is an optional part of the system. The hydraulic pressure can be stored or converted to electricity right away. This storage option is ideal for times when more electricity is required.


It is relatively easy to centralize the hydraulic and electrical systems which can lead to economies of scale and further lower costs.

Minimum impact of turbulence

Due to the aerodynamic shape of the machine, turbulent winds have no effect on the performance and efficiency of the machine.

Avifuana safety

The Saphonian’s body can be easily spotted by birds and they can avoid this obstacle easily.

Low acoustic level

The Saphonian has a low acoustic level and vibration emission.

Easy integration

The sail shape of the Saphonian can be used as a billboard which allows integration of the machine with the landscape.

No airwaves disturbance

Due to its non-rotating system, the Saphonian has little to no effect on radio and TV airwaves.

Low risk of accident

With its simple, sail shaped design, the Saphonian is safer and reduces the risks of blades breakdown, fragment injection and even fire.

Next milestones:

Shifting to the Saphonian and wind energy will prevent thousands of CO2 emission globally. The Saphonian can positively change the lives of many people who live without electricity and basic necessities on a daily basis.

This revolutionary machine is soon to be launched worldwide. Meanwhile, the company is attempting to register the patent in 70 countries worldwide. Moreover, Saphon Energy is also in talks to partner with Microsoft Corporation for an industrial size machine.

Carthagian Empire Photo
Logo and the image of Blade-less wind generator

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