Atmospheric Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generator

What is an Atmospheric Water Generator

An atmospheric water generator is a solution to the wide spread water shortage and water contamination issue. Atmospheric water generator uses moisture from the humid air to produce clean drinking water.

How it works

Atmospheric water generator uses two methods to produce safe, clean drinking water; for home use and for commercial use.

Source: Atmospheric Water Generator

1. Method for home use

This generator works just like a home air conditioner. However, in this case the goal is not to make the homes cool and comfortable. Warm air is passed through coils that are chilled with the help of a refrigerant. Cold air is especially important in this case as cold air leaves behind more condensation that warm air. The condensed drops are sent to a drain or pan. The condensation is reclaimed, filtered and then stored in a holding tank. Airborne particles and bacteria are removed from the newly reclaimed water by filtering it a number of times. Filters such as carbon and reverse osmosis are applied. Moreover, even if water stays in the water tank for too many days; it is filtered to keep it clean.

This type of method is ideal for home use as it is easy to use and understand. Air conditioners, humidifiers and refrigerators all use this type of technology.

2. Method for commercial use

This method is mostly used in military or large organizations and relies on chemistry for water extraction. In this method, a combination of chemical salts is used to extract water from the air as salt has the ability to extract and hold moisture. Humid air is made to pass over the salt mixture. This wet salt is boiled to the point where it starts boiling. The steam that comes out of the boiling mixture is condensed and sent to filters for processing.

This method is able to produce more water for large scale organizations.


It should be noted that the Atmospheric Water Generator is dependent on humidity and temperature. This means that the humidity level and the temperature at any given point are crucial for the production of water.


The Generator will work at an optimum level at a humidity level of 50%. With lower humidity levels, water can still be produced but not as quickly. To encourage optimum water production in homes, the generator should be set in kitchen or in an air-conditioned room with open windows. The temperature of the air also has to be few degrees above freezing level.


The Atmospheric Water Generator has many benefits, the most important being non-contaminated, pure and safe drinking water at your disposable whenever needed. Moreover, this water is free of viruses, bacteria, pesticides and rich in oxygen. However, the shortcoming that needs to be highlighted is that Atmospheric Water Generator is expensive and some water generators cost up to $1000 or more which is too steep for many families to afford. The good news is that these prices are hoped to fall as it becomes more popular.

The temperature and humidity levels also need to be monitored for effective extraction of water.

Startups in Atmospheric Water Generation

Many companies are jumping on the Water Generator bandwagon as the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Some examples are:

1. WaterGen

WaterGen has operations in the defence market. Established in 2009, this Israeli company has been providing products to its customers in the USA, UK army, and French army. Filters are used to purify the air and then the air is chilled to extract the humidity content. A plastic heat exchanger is used instead of the aluminium one to save costs.


2. Ecoblue

EcoBlue allows homes and offices to have access to clean water straight in the water dispensers. This company has 11 steps of filtration to ensure that the water produced is completely safe to drink. Moreover, the dispenser has options to have cold or hot water at the press of a button.


3. Vena water

Vena Water wants to address water scarcity by using atmospheric water generator that runs on solar and geothermal energy. Vena believes that humidity+sunlight= clean water. Vena is targeting an off-grid, decentralized approach to save expenses and provide more efficiency.


Atmospheric Water Generators are not more than a decade old and it seems as if they are here to stay. With time; easier and more cost effective generators will be developed and they will hopefully eradicate water scarcity from the world.


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