Air, Sun and Water – SunToWater

About SunToWater

SunToWater Technologies is an organization that has developed a revolutionary water generator that can produce clean, safe drinking water from just the air and the sun! The company has discovered an ocean of water just above our heads, i.e the air and developed a sustainable method to extract that water.


About the founders

benjamin-sun-to-waterSunToWater is co-founded by Benjamin Blumenthal who also serves as the CEO for the company. Having studied from Oxford, he has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Emory University. With prior experience as VP of Bristol Investment Group as well as CEO of Global Water Supply Inc., Benjamin is not new to leading companies and working in water technology.

His endeavour SunToWater has received accolades from the White House, Pentagon, US State Department and NATO. Moreover, other governments of Thailand, Singapore, Israel, UAE, Oman and Egypt have also applauded his revolutionary product.

hank-suntowaterHank Habicht, the Chief Strategy Officer has over three decades of leadership experience in water and energy sectors of private and public organizations. He has worked under President Ronald Reagan as Assistant Attorney General as well as President George Bush as CEO of the EPA.

jay-suntowaterJay Lopez serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of SunToWater Technologies. He is passionate about the health and well-being of the society and is responsible for the marketing strategy and alignment of corporate goals for the company.

How it works

SunToWater Technologies has developed a water generator that can produce clean, drinking water from the air! The way the generator works is:


Firstly, the generator pulls air with the help of energy efficient fans that is then circulated through a desiccant technology which is patented.


In this phase, water is baked from the desiccant with the help of warm air and then condensed into pure and safe drinking water.


Minerals are added back into the water which can then be piped into people’s homes, gardens and tanks.

Motivation behind SunToWater

The co-founder of SunToWater, Benjamin understood 2 issues that the current and also future population would face regarding water:

Water scarcity

Clean water is going scarce is many countries such as Texas, California and Mexico.

Water contamination

Access to clean drinking water is a right of every human being but sadly, many people are being exposed to contaminated drinking water.

Benjamin knew that as the population grows, these two issues of water will exacerbate and the new generation will suffer greatly without access to clean, drinking water. Hence, Benjamin along with his colleagues was able to launch a water generator that is not only cost effective but also sustainable. This water generator has the power to pull homes and businesses off the water grid and make them water independent.

Another positive feature of the SunToWater water generator is the ability to run off both AC power as well as solar and thermal energy. Hence, even a person without access to electricity can have access to clean drinking water.

SunToWater for business use

Companies around the world have been struggling for clean, drinking water and with the advent of SunToWater generator, they can take water production and control in their own hands.

Businesses can make up to 640 gallons of water per day per container which can give them water security. Moreover, they can also control and reduce their costs as well as ensure water quality. Becoming water independant also makes them avoid water breakdowns and gives them higher chances for future expansions.

Some features of the generator

The quality of the water that is produced meets WHO’s standard for drinking water even if the water is extracted from heavily polluted air. The beauty of the generator is that it only absorbs the H2O and not the contaminants.

The water generator can produce water in extremely low humidity environment, and even in desert areas! The generator is able to capture and condense even the slightest humidity in the environment and use it to make water.

Every generator can work completely off-grid using solar, thermal or conventional energy sources. SunToWater uses merely 0.51 kWh per gallon which is less than 70% power that conventional humidifiers use.

One water generator can produce up to 20 gallons of water per day which is enough for a family of 5 and 2 pets for laundry, shower, drinking, cooking and landscaping purposes.

Every unit comes with a 10 year warranty and is practically maintenance free.

The cost per gallon using electricity is $0.04-0.06 and $0.08-0.12 using solar panels.

Way forward

This revolutionary product is aimed to be a paradigm in creating clean, drinking water for homes and companies. This innovative and near perfect technology can greatly help the world in getting over the water crisis it is facing which is expected to aggravate with each passing day.

SunToWater hopes to take its technology from USA to other countries who are also facing a water crisis.`

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