Relectrify – Giving Car Batteries a Second Chance

Not everyone can see retired electric car battery as a means of storing solar energy and providing power back-up. However, Relectrify perceived this as an opportunity to provide sustainable, affordable and environmentally efficient energy solution.

Electric car batteries can be transitioned into their second-life of storing solar energy for millions of households. However, reusing these batteries with old approaches is expensive. Relectrify has come up with an ingenious way to affordably and efficiently create energy storage solutions with the retired batteries.

A bit about the founders:

valentine-muzRelectrify was founded by Valentin Muenzel, a PhD in battery control technology and Daniel Crowley, an experienced power engineer.

Due to their vast experience in the battery technology; they were aware of the problem that existed in large battery packs that have individual cells. Every battery cell has a pre-defined threshold limit for safe charge and discharge of the battery. Exceeding this threshold, results in battery failure.daniel

During set-up, each cell is monitored and if one cell reaches the threshold; the entire battery pack disconnects. The purpose is for all cells to meet the threshold at the same time and when this does not happen, the lowest performing cell becomes the weakest link that affects the performance of the entire pack.

Steps are taken to ensure that the cells meet the threshold at the same time, however variance happens often. Re-purposing these batteries is expensive and the performance is also not reviewed to be top notch.

The solution

Muenzel and Crowley found a solution to these idle batteries through a “plug and play” method. The method works by delivering personalized health care to individual cells within one battery pack. It is also able to provide a higher cell level control to the pack.

Through this advanced technology, Relectrify is able to develop second-life battery pack with larger storage capacity and life.


Since the inception of Relectrify in January 2015, the company has managed to achieve many milestones that it is proud of:

  • Relectrify is the battery management supplier as well as development partner of PowerTrak, a product that is used in marine vehicles.
  • Relectrify has achieved validation for its BMS and targeted second-life battery approach.
  • Falling Walls Germany recognized Relectrify as a leading science innovator.
  • Relectrify was invited in Hong Kong for a presentation on second-life batteries.
  • Relectrify and VW Group have also formed collaboration on second-life batteries.

With an innovative and technologically driven mission; Relectrify aims at forming more collaboration with leading companies. It hopes to develop and release unique storage products with its partners.


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