Automatic Garbage Sorter | Trashbot by CleanRobotics


Trashbot by CleanRobotics

A venture of CleanRobotics, Trashbot is the first ever robotics of its kind to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort recyclable verses non recyclable items that goes in the land-fill sites. It uses a camera to identify when trash enters the loading bay and the AI system determines whether it is recyclable or not.

Once trash is recognized and separated, the intelligent system analyzes about what it is disposed of in your building, city or country.


About the founders

charlesTrashbot was founded by Charles Yhap who is also the CEO of Trashbot. Yhap has a ten year experience in social entrepreneurship, human rights and environmental protection. Yhap is passionate about mission driven start ups like Trashbot and aims to launch more such ventures with a strong social/environmental benefit to the world.
staff_tannerTanner Cook is the co-founder of Trashbot who has a prior experience in nanotech and nuclear engineering. He was part of a new nanotech company that found a way to clean iron spills more effectively. Tanner Cook, with his wealth of knowledge in engineering and research, is the Vice President of Engineering at Trashbot.

The Recycling Challenge

Recycling is an individual burden that is difficult to monitor and hence, becomes inefficient. Everyone is not knowledgable or environmentally responsible enough to deduce recyclable verses non-recyclable waste. Even corporations cannot efficiently manage the tons of waste they discard every day. Moreover, recycling rules and regulations vary from place to place. Lastly, Yhap has also highlighted that he believes the quality of recycling programs directly correlates to the location and size of the country. A small island has better recycling facilities than bigger cities where space is not an issue. Hence, metropolitan cities are being polluted more with over flowing land-fills.
With only human labor available to sort through the trash, the land-fill sites are being over crowded with all types of waste; a lot of which can be recycled.

The solution

The solution to this challenge came to Yhap and Cook in the form of a robotic trashcan that can recognize the different types of waste and differentiate it from recyclable and non-recyclable material. This robotic trashcan works on robotics and sensor technology.

Through this solution, the founders have aimed to target one of the biggest problems of mankind – trash. The ultimate goal is a greener planet by making recycling easy as well as convenient and eventually reducing the trash that goes in the land-fills.

Trashbot will eliminate the need for humans to sort through the mounds of trash, something that they are not even that good at. Moreover, a single Trashbot which has multiple compartments will take up less space than the individual, space taking bins used in homes. The practical approach and simple technology in Trashbot makes it easily usable in homes, offices, industries as well as malls, airports and grocery stores.

If the Trashbot team is successful in replacing normal trashcans with Trashbots, cities and states can improve the quality as well as quantity of recycled materials that are generated. Moreover, companies will be less susceptible to fines – a win-win situation for everyone.


Current status

Although Trashbot is currently in its prototype phase, the company hopes to launch it full-scale soon. Currently, Trashbot has 80% accuracy in the pilot stage. It is aimed that full versions of Trashbot will be deployed in Vicinity Centres of Australia, 80% of the mall operators in Australia.
Yhap and Cook aim to make Trashbot a new standard for recycling and motivating individuals, neighbourhoods, towns, cities and states to recycle on a higher scale.

Key milestones

The CleanRobotics team has achieved position in the second round of IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. This feat was achieved out of the 147 teams selected globally.

All images and logos are property of CleanRobotics

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