CleanTech or Clean Technology has emerged as a desperate need of the hour, to be able to flourish in an environment which is free of all impurities, pollution and toxic emissions. It had become highly imperative that one started to think, evaluate and execute ways to monitor and eradicate the environmental damage occurring due to various activities carried out by the humans and related entities.

CleanTech is relatively a new terminology, which has been coined and vigorously emphasized upon during the last decade, refers to the industries and businesses working in alternative energy production, procedures and services. CleanTech may be defined as wind generation, geothermal, bio fuels, solar power, water filtration and industrial process control. There has been a rapid increase in startup companies coming up with out of the box ideas of producing alternative energy and finding a share of marketplace, as a common man is increasingly getting aware of disadvantages of fossil fuels.

There are various companies which work as business accelerators for these CleanTech startups. They come up with diverse range of incentives for these startups, fund and also foster these promising CleanTech startups.

CleanTech Global competition is one of the ways these startups publicize their product, firstly by winning their national competition then moving on to globally taking their product forward and internationally represent their country at the annual CleanTech Open Global Forum.

Who Can Participate?

All entries must be a startup with less than $1,000,000 from private third party funding (from equity investors such as angel investors and venture capital firms) at the time of entry.

All entries must be a startup with less than $5,000,000 from all other sources of funding (grants, family and friends, and your own pocket) at the time of paying the application fee; this limit is separate from the limit on private third party funding.

Following are the CleanTech categories; you may need to select in order to showcase your project:

  1. Agriculture, Water and Waste
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Green Building
  5. Energy Distribution and Storage
  6. Chemicals and Advanced Materials
  7. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  8. Transportation

How To Enter Competition?

There are a few steps you may need to carry out in order to take part in the competition.

  • First and foremost step is to register with your country’s host organization. Find the list of host organizations here.
  • Construct and formulate your project’s pitch, which should be able to deliver the basic idea and functionality of your project to an investor, a business partner or a potential customer. It may be a formal presentation or an informal meaningful speech to market your product; it has to be a 3 minute pitch that should be comprised of the basics of your idea, problems it solves, market of your product, impact on the environment and why is it better than the rest.
  • CleanTech Open Global competition takes place in November, if you are the country’s finalist you have to prepare accordingly 


All the ideas that are being submitted and presented in front of the CleanTech forum are being judged based on the potency of the following aspects:

  1. Uniqueness of the concept
  2. Innovation Level
  3. Business Viability
  4. Sustainability

Supporting these budding CleanTech ideas and giving them an opportunity to convert into viable business is exceptionally a praiseworthy step towards a healthy lifestyle for us as well as our future generations. The amount of work that has been done until now with respect to CleanTech has lead to a great amount of reduction in wastage and an increase in energy efficiency, which is a tremendous sign showing that this efficient usage of technology might turn into tomorrow’s champion.


Featured Image: CleanTech Open Logo

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