For ages farmers have been using traditional agricultural irrigation methods. They have been going through humongous amount of loss in terms of resources such as water, man power, drainage conditions, energy etc. traditional methods if agriculture required large amount of water supply out of which mostly went to a waste, or destroyed the crops due to heavy or lesser exposure to water. This method drastically failed in mountainous and hilly regions as equivalent distribution of water never took place.

Such radical failures made people to invent and look for efficient methods for irrigation, where there is smart usage of resources. Water distribution is timed, calculated and equal as per the requirement. Since machines are used in modern methods lesser man power is required to guard the fields. Modern irrigation system brought diverse and considerable changes in cost control and hence was adopted for future endeavors.


Drop by drop irrigation or underground irrigation is the second name for drip irrigation. As the name implies, water is directly circulated drop by drop to the active root base of the plant. As a result, highly exclusive resources like water, fertilizers, labor, energy and land are sustained on larger scales.

Drip irrigation is considered to be the smartest way of irrigation in the agriculture world. While using drip irrigation huge reduction in water runoff and evaporation takes place, therefore improved plant growth and productivity comes into action. Crops better in quality and quantity are produced, benefitting the farmers, consumers and above all THE PLANET.


Initially drip irrigation system was being invented by an Israeli Engineer Simcha and his son Isaiah in the early 1960s. But globally, Netafim- a multinational company established at Kibbutz Hatzerim in 1965 came forward to commercialize this invention of Simcha.

The agricultural irrigation products that Netafim manufactures are not only smart drip and micro irrigation systems for agriculture, landscaping and mining but also sprinklers and micro sprinklers for agriculture and mining. Moreover, they work on pumps, filters, pipes, valves and crop management technologies as well.



Presently Netafim’s irrigation and watering technologies are being integrated and set up in most parts of the world where they are incorporating technology for faster and better growth of crops.

For over 50 years of services in the agriculture industry Netafim has expanded its business all over the world having 28 subsidiaries, 16 manufacturing plants and over 4000 employees delivering its technologies to two million customers in 110 countries. Until now Netafim has sold 150 billion drip irrigation devices which have helped farmers all over the world to minimize their water expenses and utilize the resources prudently.


Netafim products aid in preserving tens of millions of gallons of water a year. Installation of drip irrigation systems is termed as the key ingredient in order to have momentous outcome of resource savings, larger crop yields, cost of cultivation and farm profitability.

The drip systems manufactured by Netafim are encapsulated in pipes, which are contemplated as easier to be installed and used by the farmers. Not only drip irrigation systems but several other agricultural machineries are being fabricated at Netafim. Highly proficient and adequate computer sensors that can detect the need of the plant at any instant, control the flow and amount of water as required, read temperature, humidity, nutrient levels in the soil, and many other basic needs of the plant.

These sensors are controlled remotely through servers, doing their job as instructed by the wireless sensors. There is special software being designed in order to dispense a calculated amount of water to a specific section or portion of the field. Hence, resulting in lesser man power, best results are achieved with faultlessness of potential machineries.


Having an enormous and gigantic success with the establishment of irrigation products, Netafim is more successful in the developing world like Africa and Asia. Recently the company has introduced a drip irrigation project in India, which is aspired to be the biggest drip irrigation system in the world.

Over the years Netafim has been working earnestly in producing monumental supply of food and feeding a gigantic number of people by introducing competent irrigation systems. To equip the future of agriculture assiduously and make the world a better place to live.


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