Crowdfunding has emerged as a life saver for people who are low on budget but have bright ideas for a new startup. It helps the entrepreneurs to fund their budding projects with the help of friends, family or may be on a larger scale through the internet.

There exist several Crowdfunding platforms that collect funds for food and agriculture related opportunities. Kickstarter is one of those Crowdfunding platforms that help in raising resources for agricultural projects. A minimum funding goal and a deadline is being chosen by the project creator, if the goals are not met by the deadline, no funds are being collected.

Following are a few agricultural Crowdfunding projects being supported by Kickstarter in order to let the agricultural irrigation flourish, prosper and take the mechanism and progression of irrigation to a next level.



EVE is a smart device to make your sprinkler system more efficacious and productive. EVE is an in-ground irrigation system that comes with an equipped moisture sensor as well as a temperature sensor that controls the flow of water by sensing the desired amount of water/moisture required by the soil.

If the sensor signals that there is no further need of water, the sprinklers would stop the supply of water. The connection of EVE sensor to the EVE controller is entirely wireless and the communication between the two takes place through signals sent through air waves.



Using a LONO you can turn your sprinklers on and off through a smart phone while sitting inside your house only. It saves you the hassle of running in and out to check on the sprinklers every now and then that if they are working? Or is the water supply equivalent? Or to adjust the sprinkler head.

Its app consists of a snooze tab, through which you may delay the water supply up to 24 hours, and when you want to continue watering, hit snooze again, it will resume watering from where it had ceased. The LONO device also has a snooze button which can be used to switch the sprinklers on and off.

The LONO app has tabs for adjusting the water levels for different zones in your yard. So you can easily regulate the water levels to any dry spots in the yard.

It has the capacity to figure out what part of the yard needs how much of water. And it does its job as smartly that you don’t need to bother yourself with it. This in return saves a great amount of water as it doesn’t go to a waste while it was not needed. Saving the amount of water being used results in lesser water bills.

LONO has an in built backup system which helps in retaining your schedule even if there is a power outage.



Considering the amount of water being wasted due to the usage of traditional, non equipped sprinklers, water scarcity is impacting the entire world a big time. Blossom is being invented to prevent the wastage of water.

BLOSSOM is highly a smart device that works on weather change automatically; by pulling in weather forecast from different platforms on its own. You may have feed the type of plants your yard is equipped with and blossom figures out the rest on its own that how much water will be required. It has the capacity to be connected to your smart phone, computer or tablet.

This saves you from the hassle of paying huge water bills as well as checking on the water supply every now and then.



CULTIVAR is an irrigation system equipped with a web app designed to efficiently control the water supply.

It connects your smart phone to the irrigation system and the application platform. RainCloud links your mobile device to lawns, gardens and plants by combining automated water valves, professional quality soil sensors, a wifi enabled programmable computer and custom web applications.

With RainCloud software, you can control and monitor your watering remotely.

  • Graphical user interface with: 1) Customizable watering programs (time and/or sensor based options); 2) Up to the minute soil moisture logging/plotting; 3) Geo-location tool
  • Cloud based data storage
  • Web communication via home WiFi network

Crowdfunding has been vitally helpful to the people in taking their small scale start ups to the next level of success. You need to asses and choose your equipment wisely according to the need of your yards; it will help in cost reduction as well as greater crop yield.


EVE – Smart Irrigation Controller & Moisture Sensors
Lono Sprinkler Controller
Blossom: The Smart Watering Controller
Cultivar’s RainCloud: Control your water. Intelligently.

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